Wei-Chung Teng

Curriculum Vitae


  • DEng, University of Tokyo, Japan, 2001.
  • M.S. CSIE, National Chiao-Tung University, Taiwan, 1994.
  • B.Sc. CSIE, National Chiao-Tung University, Taiwan, 1992.


Research Interests

  • Network security
  • Network communication networks
  • 5G mobile networks

Research Projects

Large Projects Involved

  • A Technology Promotion Program in Advanced Cybersecurity Research (MOST 111-2218-E-011-009-MBK)
  • Securing SDN & NFV-based Network Architecture (MOST 105-2221-E-011-077-MY3)
  • Research on Identification of Devices and Application for Improving Security in SDN enabled IoT/Cloud System (MOST 104-2923-E-011-005-MY3)
  • Cloud Service Defense-in-Depth Security Technology Research and Development (NSC 99-2218-E-011-017, 100-2218-E-011-008, 101-2218-E-011-007)
  • The International Collaboration for Advancing Security Technology (NSC 97-2745-P-001-001, 96-3114-P-001-002-Y, 95-3114-P-001-Y02)
  • Technology Development and Realization of Robot Theater Project (NSC 96-2218-E-011-002, 95-2218-E-011-009, 94-2218-E-011-012)

Small Projects

  • A Study of Digital Twin of a Power System (Institute for Information Industry.)
    Wei-Chung Teng
  • Development of Fuzz Testing Modules for Communication Protocols (Onward Security Corp.)
    Wei-Chung Teng
  • VR Property Viewings (Taiwan YingMi Corp.)
    Wei-Chung Teng, Chih-Yuan Yao
  • A Quick Approach for Clock Skew Measurement over Network (MOST 104-2221-E-011-070)
    Wei-Chung Teng
  • A Study of World-in-Miniature based 3D User Interface for Telepresence Robots (MOST 103-2221-E-011 -132)
    Wei-Chung Teng
  • Research and Development of a Detection Module for Malicious Program Behavior (Institute for Information Industry)
    Wei-Chung Teng
  • Clock Skew Based Client Device Identification as a Cloud Service (NSC 101-2221-E-011-062-MY2)
    Wei-Chung Teng
  • Development of Manipulation Interface for Small-sized Biped Robots (Precision Machinery Research & Development Center)
    Wei-Chung Teng, Hsing-Kuo Pao
  • Anomaly Detection Based on Could Clients Behavior Profiling (NSC 99-2218-E-011-017, 100-2218-E-011-008)
    Yuh-Jye Lee, Wei-Chung Teng, Sheng-Wei Chen
  • Secure File Access and Information Leakage Protection in the Cloud Architecture (Institute for Information Industry)
    Tien-Ruey Hsiang, Chun-Ying Huang, Wei-Chung Teng
  • Development of GUI and Application Software for HP TouchSmart PC (HP Taiwan)
    Ge-Ming Chiu, Jane-Ferng Chiu, Wei-Chung Teng
  • A Study of Authentication Method for Wireless Sensor Nodes Based on Clock Skews (NSC 98-2221-E-011-066-MY3)
    Wei-Chung Teng
  • A Multiresolution Image Compression Method Applying on Real-time Teleoperation Systems (NSC 97-2221-E-011-134-)
    Wei-Chung Teng
  • A Study on Applying Synchronization Mechanisms of Distributed Virtual Environments on Real-time Teleoperation Systems (NSC 95-2221-E-011-127)
    Wei-Chung Teng
  • A Study on Improving Manipulation Interface of Networked Mobile Robots by Utilizing Wide Field of View Source Video (NSC 94-2213-E-011-057)
    Wei-Chung Teng
  • Development of a Web Interface Embedded Multimedia Service System (Webs-tv Corp.)
    Wei-Chung Teng, Ge-Ming Chiu, Hung-Yan Gu, Huei-Wen Ferng