Wei-Chung Teng

Lectures and Invited Talks

Graduate Courses

  • CS5028 Cryptography and Data Security
  • CS5058 Coding and Information Theory
  • CS5083 Human Machine Interface
  • CS5088 Networked Virtual Environment
  • CS5089 Network Communication Protocols
  • CS5102 Robot Motion Model
  • CS5119 Introduction to Intelligent Robot Applications

Undergraduate Courses

  • CS1007 Internet Technologies and Applications
  • CS1008 Lab. of Internet Technologies and Applications
  • CS2006 Computer Organization
  • CS2012 Introduction to Cryptography
  • CS2013 Robot Motion Programming
  • CS3001 Algorithms
  • CS3002 Computer Architecture
  • CS3031 Coding Theory
  • CS4001 Programming Languages
  • EC1001 Introduction to Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (3 hrs)
  • EC1003 Computer Programming
  • EC2003 Linear Algebra
  • EC3001 Cloud Computing (9 hrs)
  • EC3401 Introduction to Computers and Computing
  • MI3014 Information Security Practical Training (half semester)

Invited Talks

  • Applying Traveler Models to Help Navigating the Streets in Virtual Reality (keynote), iCSGTEIS 2018, Bali, Indonesia, Oct. 2018.
  • Hack into The Speeds of Remote Clocks - A Promising Physical Unclonable Function for Device Identification (keynote), ICITDA 2017, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, Nov. 2017.
  • Measuring clock skews of remote devices via wireless communications, The Taiwan-Israel Symposium on Information Security, Jul. 2014.
  • Security Issues of Time Synchronization over Networks, Dept. of Computer Science, National Chengchi University, Apr. 2014.
  • Clock Skew based Client Device Identification by Cloud Servers, Dept. of Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University, Nov. 2013.
  • Clock Skew Based Client Device Identification in Cloud Environments, NSC-JST Information security, Network security and Cloud computing Workshop, Nov. 2012.
  • A Multiresolution-Based Panoramic Visual System for Mobile Robot Navigation, Dept. of Information Management, Huafan University, Nov. 2010.
  • A Multi-resolution Image Compression Method Applying on Real-time Teleoperation Systems, Dept. of CSIE, National Taiwan Normal University, Apr. 2010.
  • A Node Identification Approach for Wireless Sensor Networks Utilizing Time Synchronization, Dept. of CSIE, Yuan Ze University, Oct. 2008.
  • A Generic Approach to Generate Human-like Motions for Humanoid Robots, Dept. of CSIE, Tamkang University, Oct. 2007.
  • Telepresence: A Combination of Robot and VR Technologies, Dept. of CSIE, Chang Gung University, Dec. 2005.