CS5143701: Information Retrieval and Applications

13:20~16:20, Friday, @ TR-313


Instructor: 陳冠宇

TA: 林崇恩 & 余福浩


Date Syllabus Homework
9/18 Course Overview
9/25 Break for Rocling2020
10/2 Holiday for Moon Festival
10/9 Holiday for National Day
10/16 Classic Models Homework-1(deadline: 10/29 23:59)
10/23 Extended Probabilistic Models Homework-2 (deadline: 11/5 23:59)
10/30 Evaluation & Benchmark Collections Homework-3 (deadline: 11/12 23:59)
11/6 Latent Semantic Analysis
11/13 Statistical Topic Models Homework-4 (deadline: 11/26 23:59)
11/20 Search Results Diversification
11/27 Pseudo-Relevance Feedback & Query Models Homework-5 (deadline: 12/10 23:59)
12/4 基於機器學習之文本可讀性研究 (by Dr. 曾厚強) Reminder & Submit Your Member List!
12/11 Representation Learning and Information Retrieval
12/18 Transformer-based Models for IR (by Mr. 郭家銍) Reminder & Homework-6 (deadline: 2021/1/4 23:59) & Submit Your Research Topic!
12/25 Supervised Retrieval Models & Tips Submit Your Research Topic!
1/1 Holiday for Founding Anniversary


M10915100 郭O威、D10907005 陳O宏、M10915034 黃O泓、M10915066 盧O恆
Using Intelligent method for Fraud SMS/Email hunting and detection

M10915103 邱O儒、M10915006 廖O宏、M10915046 陳O穎、M10915092 林O哲
Show, Attend and Tell: Neural Image Caption Generation with Visual Attention

M10915095 薛O翔、M10915050 林O瑜 、M10909112 石O安、M10909120 樊O驊
Term Weighting for Feature Extraction on Twitter: A Comparison Between BM25 and TF-IDF

M10909211 李O妍、M10909118 蔡O真 、M10909109 陳O炫、M10909114 李O凱
Text Matching as Image Recognition

80847002S 羅O宏、80847001S 顏O成、60947058S 曹O升、60947012S 王O偉
ICE: Item Concept Embedding via Textual Information

M10815111 謝O耀、M10815112 鄭O哲、M10915017 林O箴
Convolutional Neural Networks for Sentence Classification

M10915012 黃O愷、M10915036 王O崴、M10915082 張O哲

M10915045 施O宏、M10915031 鄭O謙、M10915080 羅O程
BERT for Document Classification

M10915019 顏O庭、M10915013 王O翔、M10815103 陳O揚
A Dual Embedding Space Model for Document Ranking

M10915201 陳O凡、M10915097 朱O亞、M10815064 侯O林
Exploiting the Sentimental Bias between Ratings and Reviews for Enhancing Recommendation

M10915028 陳O勳、M10815036 王O德、M10815048 張O銘
DAML: Dual Attention Mutual Learning between Ratings and Reviews for Item Recommendation



B10615013 李O鎧、B10615024 李O宗、B10615026 溫O勳、B10615043 何O峻
Learning to rank for determining relevant document in Indonesian-English cross language information retrieval using BM25

B10615022 姜O昀、B10615034 黃O翰、B10615036 黃O銘、B10615056 黃O翔
BERT-QE: Contextualized Query Expansion for Document Re-ranking

B10615047 陳O緯、B10615017 林O叡、B10615023 楊O安、B10615039 高O雲
Using BERT Sentence Embedding forHumor Detection

B10632026 吳O瑄、M10907505 游O臨、M10915010 盧O函
Speech x And x BERT

B10615046 柯O豪、B10615045 陳O富、B10601002 廖O捷
Enhance IR model with Albert

M10802131 李O宇、M10802130 陳O瑋
Document Ranking with a Pretrained Sequence-to-Sequence Model

M10915060 林O崴、B10430302 許O森、M10815090 曾O筑、M10915002 許O樂

M10815013 陳O妮、M10815074 張O綸
Document Expansion by Query Prediction

M10915027 石O峰、B10615033 王O禎
Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis with Gated Convolutional Networks

B10630024 劉O奇、B10630040 吳O宏
Deeper Text Understanding for IR with Contextual Neural Language Modeling