CS5143701: Information Retrieval and Applications

9:10~12:10, Thursday, @TR-509


Instructor: 陳冠宇

TA: 湯京祐


Date Syllabus Homework
9/14 Course Overview & Introduction
9/21 Classic Models Homework-1
9/28 Extended Probabilistic Models
10/5 Evaluation & Benchmark Collections Homework-2
10/12 Latent Semantic Analysis and Topic Models Homework-3
10/19 Midterm Exam
10/26 Search Results Diversification
11/2 Pseudo-Relevance Feedback & Query Models Homework-4
11/9 Introduction to Deep Learning
11/16 Representation Learning for Information Retrieval Homework-5
11/23 Supervised Retrieval Models
11/30 Final Exam Final Project
12/7 Retrieval Models for Extractive Speech Summarization (Prof. Shih-Hung Liu, Delta Electronics, Inc.)
12/14 A Brief Introduction to Recommendation Systems

淺談Virtual Assistants & Conversation產業應用之路 (Prof. Meng-Sung Wu, Industrial Technology Research Institute)

12/21 Web Search
12/28 Presentations - 1

1. 陳0毅, 林0偉
Enhanced Word Embedding Similarity Measures Using Fuzzy Rules for Query Expansion

2. 王0生, 王0中, 王0珍
Multidimensional Scaling Based Knowledge Provision for New Questions in Community Question Answering Systems

3. 李0葦, 林0恩, 戴0堯
Application Research on Latent Semantic Analysis for Information Retrieval

4. 陳0豪, 蕭0民, 范0允, 楊0旭
A Text Information Retrieval Method by Integrating Global and Local Textual Information

5. 胡0翔, 吳0陽, 楊0達, 王0樵
Learning Deep Structured Semantic Models for Web Search using Clickthrough Data

6. 林0勝, 唐0寧, 包0瑄
Graph-of-word and TW-IDF: New Approach to Ad Hoc IR

1/4 Presentations - 2

1. 鍾0軒, 方0程
A Novel TF-IDF Weighting Scheme for Effective Ranking

2. 吳0鑫, 顏0峰, 羅0堡, 朱0軒
Visual and Textual Sentiment Analysis Using Deep Fusion Convolutional Neural Networks

3. 傅0燁, 李0祥, 張0佑
Relevance-based Word Embedding

4. 呂0育, 蕭0堯, 吳0育
IRGAN: A Minimax Game for Unifying Generative and Discriminative Information Retrieval Models

5. 劉0晟, 謝0暘, 王0輝
Combining Word2Vec with Revised Vector Space Model for Better Code Retrieval

1/11 Final Project Deadline