Advisor: Prof. Chin-Shyurng Fahn

TEL: 02-2733-3141 # 7425

Location: RB307-3

Designer: Yu-Ta Lin



The achievements of the graduated exhibition in 6/16: please click!

distorted color & brightness recovery, skew & curved image restoration, color document image analysis, digital watermarking technique, etc.

biometric recognition, human figure recognition & posture analysis, name card & trademark recognition, road sign detection & recognition, etc.

intruder detection & tracking, lane detection & tracking, nearby vehicle detection & tracking, 2D & 3D object inspection, etc.

geometric morphing, texture mapping, mesh simplification, image analogies, etc.

human action synthesis, facial expression synthesis, 3D panoramic scene registration, 3D map, etc.

image & video retrieval, shot detection & analysis, video indexing & categorization, video abstraction & summarization, etc.

fuzzy systems, neural networks, evolutionary computing, gray systems, support vector machines & applications, etc.


‘@‘@Based on the aforementioned technology studied in recent years, our Image Processing and Pattern Recognition Research Group is energetically participating in the development of computer vision systems equipped on theater robots, which is conducted by the Intelligent Robot Research Center at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology in order to make the robots correctly recognize the surrounding environment, avoid obstacles safely, and interact with people or robots effectively using postures and gestures during the navigation. After such technical development is accomplished, we further create other types of intelligent robots for carrying passengers/delivering goods, standing guard/going on patrol, leading strings/nursing old and young, and so forth. We hope that these robots become the indispensable members acting in the future intelligent buildings.