Advisor: Prof. Chin-Shyurng Fahn

TEL: 02-2733-3141 # 7425

Location: RB307-3

Designer: Yu-Ta Lin

Dissertation title
Analysis and Application of Competing Evolutionary Algorithms to Nonlinear Dynamic Systems
Kuo-Torng Lan
Fuzzy Clustering by Distributed Genetic Algorithm and Multi-Synapse Neural Network Approaches
Chih-hsiu Wei
A Study on the High-Performance Approaches to Large Polygonal Mesh implification of 3D Objects
Hung-Kuang Chen*
The Development of Hand Tracking Sensors and Their Applications
Herman Sun

(*With Prof. Ming-Bo Lin of Department Electronic Engineering guiding together)


Thesis title
Computer Recognition of Commonly Used Chinese Character Set via Artificial Neural Networks
Fong-Show Lee
A Neural-Network-Based Recognition System of Daily-Used Chinese of Multifonts
Jiunn-Liang Lee
A Computer Vision System for Guiding Autonomous Land Vehicles Based on Universal Environment Detection
Rone-Fue Jean
Computer-Aided Sculpting System for Reconstructing the Shape of 3-D Objects
Jiann-Ho Lin**
Grey-System-Based Restoration Methods for the Missing Contours of Blurred Object Images
Wan-Chi Lin
Modeling human actions from image sequences for virtual environment
June-Yue Hou
Approximate and exact collision detection among polyhedral objects in arbitrary motion
Jui-Lung Wang
A Computer Vision-Based Navigation System of Indoor Autonomous Land Vehicles
Rwei-Liang Chen
Evolving Neural-Fuzzy Logic Controller Design and Its Hardware Implementation for Nonlinearly Dynamical Systems
Zen-Bang Chern
Development of a Sensory Data Glove with Neural-Network-Based Calibration
Herman Sun
A Clustering and Synthesis Method for the Head-Related Transfer Function in the Minimum-Phase Approximation
Yueh-Chuan Lo
A Fast Rendering Algorithm for Stereoscopic Display Based on the Transformation of Single Images
Chung-Wei Wu
Real-Time Continuous Levels of Detail of Large-Scale Terrain Rendering
Shih-Tung Wu
Human Faces Detection in Colored Complex Background Images
Yun-Zhi Lai
Attribute-Preserving Progressive Meshes Simplification Using Quadric Error Metrics
Yi-Haur Shisu
A Comprehensive Study on Intelligent Glove-Based Hand Gesture Recognition
Kuo-Jung Wang
A robust image watermarking system to resolve rightful ownerships
Min-Yang Huang
An Intelligent Image Retrieval System by Integrating Multiple Features with Fuzzy Adaptive Resonance Theory Network
Chi-Kang Gong
Facial Image Morphing by Pixel-based Triangle Mesh Mapping
Kuen-Shiou Lin
Image Query System Design Based on Color Clustering and Spatial Information
Wei-Yueh Chen
Reducing Update Messages by Dynamically Clustering Areas of Interest Based on Pyramid Structure
Pai-Ching Huang
A Principal-Component-Analysis-Based Approach to Recognizing the Postures of Human Silhouettes
Jiun-Liang Chen
A Connected-Component-Based Approach to Locating Texts in Natural Scene Images
Chia-Hui Chu
An Image Retrieval System Using Adjacent Region Information with Grey Relational Clustering
Shu-Hao Liaw
Region-of-Interest-Based Scene Recognition for the Visual Navigation of an Indoor Mobile Robot Using Raw Image with a Single Camera
Chien-Liang Chan
Secure Key Management for Dynamic Multicast Groups Based on the Pyramid Structure in a Networked Multi-User Virtual Environment
Li-Wei Hsiao
A Digital Watermarking Technique for 3D Models in the Mesh Spectral Domain through Vertex Location Selection
Chang-Fu Yu
A Human Iris Recognition System Based on Direct Linear Discriminant Analysis and the Nearest Feature Classifiers
Shu-Yao Chang
Real Time Multiple Motion objects Detection and Tracking for Scene Surveillance Applications
Yi-Kuang Chen
Human Face Tracking and Pose Estimation by Feature Selection in Color Image Sequences
Jiunn-Jye Lin
A Dewarping Method for the Distorted Document Image Captured by a Camera
Sheng-Lin Lo
A Featureless Image Registration Method for Deskewed Document Images
Yu-Sheng Chen
A Support-Vector-Machine-Based Approach to Locating Texts in Real Scene Images
Yi-qi Kuo
Real-Time Visual Detection and Tracking of Multiple Moving Objects Based on Particle Filter Techniques
Xuan-qing Song
Computer Vision-Based Eye Localization and Tracking Techniques for Blink Detection in Real Time
Wei-Chuan Liao
Fruit Classification by Weight Estimation Based on Machine Vision Techniques
Shiang-Yih Tsai
A 3D scenes reconstruction method based on featureless block matching with a binocular vision system
Chia-hua Chang
An Adaboost Approach to Detecting and Extracting Texts from Natural Scene Images
Chia-Wei Liu
A Real-Time Face Tracking and Recognition System Based on Particle Filtering and AdaBoosting Techniques
Kai-Yi Wang
A Real-Time Gesture Tracking and Recognition System Based on Particle Filtering and AdaBoosting Techniques
Chih-Wei Huang
A Human Motion Classification Method Using Velocity and Shape Information
Min-Feng Hsieh

(**With Prof. Ching-Long Shih of Department Electrical Engineering guiding together)